Sony Music Entertainment

Shaping valuable ideas

The data team of Sony Music Entertainment already had plenty of innovative ideas. But getting from an idea to an implemented solution can be quite the challenge. Where/how to start? How to prioritize? What skills do we need? Best practices? Pitfalls?

Gyver was asked to provide answers to these questions and help shape the already defined project ideas.

Solution: Gyver Inspiration Session

Our tailored inspiration session is particularly suitable for cases like this. Together with the Sony data team we organised this session, during which we discussed the following topics:

  • Added business value: Will it provide an actionable insight?
  • Data: Is the data historically available and what is the quality; The availability of  external data?
  • Comparative analysis of the different ideas: feasibility, time horizon and business value
  • Transition towards a (more) data-driven organisation


We provided Sony Music Entertainment with new insights and stepping stones on how to approach such projects. With this session, we helped them to find new opportunities to create business value using data.

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Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment is one of the largest music and entertainment groups in the world. Among their many artists are international superstars like Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and Beyoncé. In addition, they are the industry leading company in the field of streaming services. A field where innovation and data analytics form the basis for a growing market. A field where Gyver feels right at home. 

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