Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a term that covers all algorithms that extract information from visual data, such as photos and videos. In a sense, the field of Computer Vision is occupied with mimicking the human visual system. Most Computer Vision algorithms use neural networks and are a type of deep learning.

Due to the development of deep learning over the last years, Computer Vision models have reached outstanding performances.

Therefore, we now see Computer Vision in our everyday lives, in applications such as:

  • Image Classification to search our phones images using keywords, such as locations or objects.
  • Biometrics is giving us the option to log in to a computer using a fingerprint or face scan instead of using a password.
  • Image Retrieval allows us to search image databases, such as Google Images.
  • Optical Character Recognition is used in parking garages to scan the letters on license plates.

However, there are also many exciting new applications, like:

  • Image-to-Image mapping to generate a map from a satellite image.
  • Generating or detecting Deep Fakes (generated videos that are hard to distinguish from reality)
  • Automatic detection of diseases in medical scans

Given the endless possibilities and high accuracies of current state-of-the-art models, any business dealing with image data can profit from applying Computer Vision algorithms. 

We specialise in Computer Vision applications and can help you create impactful solutions using your image data.  

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