Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a term that covers all machine learning algorithms that progressively extract higher level features from the input to obtain new insights. Or in other words, it is the training/use of neural networks with multiple layers. These networks are inspired on the networks of neurons in the human brain. 

By adding more layers, the network becomes deeper. This means the network can find model more detailed relations in data, but it will be harder to understand what actually happens. As it can be difficult to determine these complex relations in data, Deep Learning algorithms require very large training sets, also known as big data

Deep Learning algorithms can handle the analysis of many different types of data, both structured and unstructured. All of these data types require different expertise and specific use of neural networks. These types of data, which all have their own subfield of deep learning, include:

  • Tabular Data (Regular Machine Learning)
  • Text (Natural Language Processing)
  • Photo / Video (Computer Vision)
  • Audio (Audio Recognition / Classification)

With these algorithms, new insights can be generated in any business.

We specialize in Deep Learning applications and can help you create impactful solutions using your data.

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