Natural Language Processing ( NLP )

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a term that is used to cover all algorithms that extract information from text.

While the field of NLP has existed for a long time, it started rapidly developing over the last five years due to the emergence of deep learning.

Many applications of NLP are now commonly used in everyday live, such as:

  • Translation engines, such as Google Translate
  • Auto-correct on text, for example in Whatsapp of Microsoft Word
  • Chatbots helping customers navigate websites and answer their questions
  • Auto-completion of sentences, for example in Gmail
  • Speech-to-text being used in services like Siri, Alexa and Google Home

Moreover, NLP is commonly used behind-the-scenes in many businesses for a large variety of applications, including:

  • Generating labels, to group unlabeled and unstructured documents
  • Sentiment analysis, for example to determine the satisfaction of customers
  • Automatic text summarization, for example to find the essential information from meeting minutes
  • Generating texts, such as product descriptions, advertisements, or even complete books

With more powerful NLP frameworks, such as Google’s BERT model, being released each year, automating work with textual data will become easier and more efficient.

NLP is one of Gyver’s specializations. Ranging from sentiment analysis to automatic text generation we help businesses with their NLP challenges.

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