At Gyver, we provide services that help organisations move towards a more data driven future. From inspirational presentations which facilitate general understanding of data science and showcasing how to get value out of data, to doing hands-on projects and providing ample guidance in the transformation process. Which ever tactic, we aim to bring a data-driven culture to your company.

The way we work, is to become closely involved with all pivotal parties. We believe that every specialist, whether business owner, end-user or part of the IT department, is imperative to a success story. We aim to stimulate knowledge sharing, fast communication and short lines between all parties, working agile in combined teams and bringing end-users around the table in the earliest stages of the project as possible.

In final stages of implementation, together we aim to setup workshops that help people adopt to a new way of working, ideally fit to your organisation.

Path to value

To help your organisation to get value out of your data, there are several stages that are important.

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